What to look for in a preschool in Singapore

What to look for in a preschool in Singapore

While every stage of your child’s life is as exciting as can be, there is nothing that can be more overwhelming than when they are about to start preschool. This is the time when they start to interact with their environment by way of their thoughts, actions, emotions, and language. This is the time when they start to form words, are able to mimic actions, and learn how to respond to the various circumstances presented before them. Whatever the child is taught at this age may stick with them permanently, that is why you should consider enrolling them in a first-rate preschool. If you are residing in the north of Singapore, there are a few famous and reliable preschools in Admiralty such as First Steps Preschool @ Admiralty.

There are many preschools all over Singapore. An internet search alone will not necessarily give you the best there is, but you certainly may be overcome with the number of preschools presented in the search results. If you are a first-time parent on the hunt for a preschool for your firstborn and have no idea where to start or what to look for, then you are in luck. This article enumerates things that you should do or take into consideration to find the right preschool for your child.

To jumpstart your preschool search—research!

The internet is a great tool for doing research. Typing in “preschools in Singapore” just might do the trick give you more than a handful of preschools that exist in the Lion City. One other way is to ask for recommendations and referrals from family and friends who have children enrolled in preschools. Gather up a list and then turn to good old trusty Google to know more about each school. It may be time-consuming, but learning more about what a particular school has to offer will have a great influence with your final decision. Most, if not all, preschools have their own websites which can give you an overview on the kind of philosophy, curriculum, and programme that they follow. Do these align with what you want for your child to learn?

All about location

You may want to consider getting your child enrolled in a school that is within the area of your home or office, whichever your preference is. The important thing here is to find a preschool that can be easily accessed via commute from where you are located. This is especially recommended especially in times of emergency.

Curriculum and programmes

Very important to note when searching for a preschool is the type of curriculum and programme that they have. A preschooler’s mind is like a sponge for learning everything under the sun; you would want your child to have an experience that encourages them to learn and discover things under the sun that would mould their mind with the proper kind of mindset—one that is always open for learning and innovating, as well as a mind that is ready to face challenges as they grow. These skills are not achieved by drilling information memorisation but are developed by allowing the child to explore and build knowledge with the use of creativity and imagination. Of course, knowledge is not the only factor that can help your child as he or she traverses through life. Character is an important aspect as well. Having your child learn morals is vital, so you should consider a school that teaches your toddler ethical traits, such as acceptance, compassion, gratitude, and other right values.

Staff and facility

Just thinking about not having your child under your watchful eye for an hour may already create different kinds of stressful scenarios in your head—we would not even dare imagine how uneasy you may feel about not having them around you for most of the day! Do not worry. Almost all parents undergo the same rollercoaster of emotions when the thought of having to drop their kids off on the first day of preschool crosses their mind. To keep you at peace, consider enrolling your child in a preschool that has a safe facility. Likewise, the people you entrust your child to must be credible. They must be knowledgeable and experienced in handling children. It is best to check whether the school that you are eyeing is registered under the proper authorities governing early childhood education in Singapore.

Consider your budget

Being able to provide your child with the best early childhood education should not render you broke. Preschools in Singapore have subsidies for Singapore citizens covering childcare and infant care. These subsidies make preschool fees affordable, especially for lower-income families. Under the directive of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), these subsidies are set in place to “help parents defray their children’s preschool fees, to make preschool affordable and accessible for all.”

You may contact First Steps Preschool if you wish to know more about a childcare centre that fits all the criteria mentioned in this article. First Steps Preschool has locations in Admiralty, Yishun, and East Coast in Singapore.


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