I am sick but there is no clinic near me – what should I do?

I am sick but there is no clinic near me – what should I do?

If you feel really sick and find yourself searching for a “clinic near me” but cannot seem to find the one, it can be a bit of a hassle. More importantly, not finding a clinic or a doctor right away for your medical needs can lead to serious threats to your health, especially if you have a chronic disease or during an emergency.

If your home or workplace is far from the hospital or there are not any clinic nearby and you need to see a doctor right away, do not fret. With today’s evolving technology, you can get proper medical care with Speedoc, a health-tech company in Singapore that aims to bring medical care from the hospital to the comfort of your home. Speedoc has a medical mobile app that offers convenient house call doctors and other health care services at your preferred date and location.

Why choose Speedoc for your medical care needs?

Man opening door to smiling doctor making visit at home

  1. No more long queues.

By booking a request for a healthcare professional in the Speedoc app, a house call doctor or nurse will come to your house, workplace, or current location for your medical needs instead of you going to the clinic or hospital. With a doctor coming right at your doorstep, there is no more need to endure the long queues and wait for your turn for a check-up.

  1. Convenient for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Although the Speedoc app is available for everyone who requires GP and A&E services, it is also a modern and more convenient way to get medical care for older people and people with disabilities who have difficulties in travelling to get their monthly check-ups in a clinic, hospital, or a healthcare institution.

  1. Skip the traffic and commute.

With Speedoc, you also skip the stressful travel or commute just to get medical help. Once you have sent your request through the Speedoc app, all you need to do is comfortably wait for the doctor at your preferred location.

What medical services can I avail from Speedoc?

Speedoc guarantees doctors that are fully licensed with the Singapore Medical Council. They are qualified and have been subjected to an extensive background check. Not only doctors but all healthcare professionals at Speedoc are licensed and well-experienced so you can always expect 24/7 quality and reliable medical services such as:

  • GP consultation and treatments. Speedoc doctors can check and treat a variety of medical conditions and illnesses like cough cold, fever, allergies, asthma, diarrhoea and vomiting, dehydration, gastric pains, cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatigue, vertigo, or dizziness and infections.
  • Home nursing care. Services may include blood tests, injections, wound dressing or suture removal, insertion or changing of NGT (nasogastric tube), and uterine catheterization. Nurses at Speedoc are licensed with the Singapore Nursing Board.
  • Subsidized doctor’s visit. These services are very beneficial for elderly patients with chronic conditions or disabilities that require long-term medical care at home.
  • Ambulance Booking. Speedoc is the first ambulance booking app in Singapore. Requesting for an ambulance in Singapore may require patience as you have to deal with several hotline operators just to get through and request for one. With the Speedoc app, you can easily request for a private ambulance for non-emergency situations just like requesting for a ride through private-car-for-hire apps.
  • Management of chronic diseases. Speedoc also offers packages for the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

What to expect during a doctor’s visit?

Doctor listening to heartbeat of man during home visit

Like a consultation at a hospital or doctor’s clinic, Speedoc doctors will ask you questions and run some tests to help diagnose the problem, and administer the correct treatment. For your medical history, Speedoc doctors can access the National Electronic Health Record Singapore (NEHR) and review your medical records from clinics and public hospitals that you have had prior consultation or admission.

How about follow-up check-ups?

For follow-ups, there is no need to request for a doctor again. You can simply use the Speedoc in-app chat to directly talk with your doctor about your inquiries and for updates. Through the in-app chat feature, you can also send pictures to your doctor to follow up on your condition.

Request for a fuss-free doctor’s visit through the Speedoc app today.

To avail Speedoc’s 24/7 medical services, you can download the Speedoc app (Speedoc- House Call Doctors On-Demand) via Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Through the app, request for a doctor’s visit by entering your preferred date, time, and location. You can also request for a nurse or ambulance service in the app. Before you confirm the request, the price for your requested service will be shown and you can make a payment using your card or pay the doctor in cash during the visit.

With the Speedoc app, caring for your health and loved ones can now be hassle-free and just at your fingertips. Upon submitting your request, Speedoc will take care of the rest and will arrive at your doorstep to provide the medical care that you need.


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