How has the reputation of Botox changed around the years?

How has the reputation of Botox changed around the years?

Before aesthetic treatments became vogue, even in the 1990s, Botox treatments were already a thing. Back then, the understanding surrounding Botox and other aesthetic treatments was far more narrow. It was purported as a treatment only for rich and vain ladies who had an unhealthy obsession with youth. The Artisan Clinic is an aesthetic clinic which offers Botox treatments in Singapore.

Nowadays, patients as young as 20 will already have gone for Botox treatments. Aesthetic procedures have become the norm rather than the exception and more and more youth are opting to get aesthetic procedures done at a young age. However, while the treatment has grown in popularity, many of the myths surrounding Botox still persist till today. In all honesty, many of these myths are overblown.

#1 – Botox is unsafe

The research surrounding Botox is perhaps one of the vastest and expansive for any aesthetic treatment out there on the market. There are many aesthetic and therapeutic uses for Botox and it has been administered safely countless times over the decades.

As with any medical treatment, the chance for complications is always there. You might remember the incident of a Botox death a few years ago in Singapore. However, these cases usually boil down to pre-existing conditions in the patient or ineptitude or negligence of the performing doctor. Treatments with lots of peer-reviewed literature surrounding them are generally going to be safe. Always consult closely and honestly with your medical professional before opting for any such treatments.

#2 – Botox will lead to facial paralysis, giving you a “frozen” face

This myth has been around for a very long time, ever since celebrities in the late 90s and early 2000s started to become known for having Botox injections done on their faces. The term “botched botox” became popular as a reference to a Botox procedure gone wrong, leaving the patient with an unnatural looking or stiff looking face with unemotive features.

This is a myth! The treatment is administered with an understanding of the facial musculature and there is no chance of a half-face paralysis. With a skilled injector, you will not compromise your ability to emote and you’ll be able to display a full range of expressions without any difficulty.

#3 – Botox is poisonous

Yes, indeed, Botox is a “neurotoxin”. This does not mean that you will be poisoned by Botox! Botox is a neurotoxin as it attacks and destroys nervous tissue, which is by design. Rather than it being actually poisonous, avoiding unnecessary cell death or triggering any neuropathic is more important.

Botox has been used for more than 20 or so years for a multitude of purposes and it is almost completely safe. However, it is important that only a trained medical practitioner administers Botox or other injectables. For a non-certified medical practitioner to inject these substances into your face, you definitely run the risk of skin necrosis or a burst blood vessel which could be potentially very dangerous or even fatal.

#4 – Botox can only be used to get rid of wrinkles

Over the years, Botox has been adapted for many different functions, both cosmetic and for medical reasons. There are many other ways that Botox can be used to improve your appearance. It can be used cosmetically for lifting eyebrows, treating crow’s feet, giving you a face lift. It also has several well documented medical benefits. Botox has been used to treat various ailments such as migraines by reducing tension in muscles as well as decreasing the amount of stran that is put onto the nervous system. Things like excessive sweating can also be treated by using botox to attack those overactive glands.

Many patients nowadays already start Botox before they get any wrinkles whatsoever. It has become exceedingly common to see many patients use Botox as a preventative treatment rather than a corrective one. If Botox treatment is delayed until after fine lines and wrinkles form, then it may be much more difficult to help your face regain its former smoothness. By using Botox before any wrinkles have ever formed, you can stop your face from making certain expressions that might trigger the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

#5 – Stopping Botox midway through treatment will cause your wrinkles to appear worse

Results attained from Botox are not permanent. Botox does not stay permanently in your system and your wrinkles and fine lines will return to how they once were. This is because the Botox itself will leave the muscles and your facial muscles will regain their natural normal movement. The best results from Botox following treatments usually will last around half a year. After that, your appearance might become similar to what it was like before you started your Botox treatments.


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