Ways to Remove Eye Bags

LifestyleNovember 22, 20190 Comments

Our eyes are the most expressive feature of our face. Without using our mouth to speak, our eyes alone can communicate certain emotions such as fear, surprise, and anger, frustration — no wonder there is a saying that goes, “If looks could kill.” Aside from expressing emotions, our eyes can also say a lot about our body’s health. One indicator…

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Therapeutic Hobbies you’ll want to get in on

LifestyleAugust 18, 20190 Comments

Perhaps the most common lament to come out of a millennial’s mouth is a half-brag, half-whine about how busy and stressed they are. I am no exception to this, and have been caught red-handed by many friends for bemoaning my insane schedule. However, while it probably does hold the telltale signs of a subtle-brag, the stress that comes with the…

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Trending Skincare Ingredients of 2019

LifestyleAugust 10, 20190 Comments

Skincare and beauty is one of the classes you may never take in your life, but one that you will never be able to graduate from once enrolled. With a curriculum that is constantly being updated, it is hard for one to stay ahead of the curve unless you work at updating yourself constantly. Just when you think you have…

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Vinyl LPS are back and we’re not too upset about it

LifestyleJuly 14, 20190 Comments

If you did not go through the entire spring-cleaning phase, throwing out everything your hoarder of a grandparent kept for “the memories” then you are one of the lucky few – vinyls are making a comeback and in a big way. Vinyl record sales reached a surprising 13 million in 2016, according to a report by Nielsen’s annual music report.…

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Henry is taking over luxury

LifestyleAugust 11, 20150 Comments

Henry who? The gardens of Trocadero are usually calm at night, glistening against the eternal glow of the Eiffel Tower. But on this rainy September night during Paris Fashion Week it is swathed in spotlight studded frenzy. The sky is magnified by the glow of a hundred, if not hundreds, of spotlights, all swaying in synchrony to the beat of…

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