Eye Floaters Treatment – Is it safe for your child?

HealthApril 7, 20200 Comments

Having eye floaters is quite common in almost 70 – 80% of people which can happen at some point in their lives. The common cause of eye floaters is ageing where the jelly-like substance that fills our eyeballs (technically called the vitreous) changes as we age. With the vitreous, the eyeballs can maintain their round shape but as we age,…

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Things You Need to Know about Fertility Screening at a Men’s Clinic in Singapore

HealthApril 1, 20200 Comments

A lot of married couples in Singapore have experienced difficulties conceiving a child, with fertility issues affecting almost 40% of all newlywed couples who are actively trying for a baby. From these couples experiencing infertility problems, nearly 45% of them are due to factors affecting the men. According to a recent study, Singapore is facing a male infertility issue, with…

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Ear Specialist Singapore – Suffering from hearing Loss? Learn from Whoopi Goldberg and visit your ear specialist now before it’s too late.

Health LifestyleMarch 15, 20200 Comments

Yep, you heard it right, Whoopi Goldberg, a global movie star, suffered from hearing loss. You may wonder how it is possible for a star of her stature was not able to prevent the permanent loss of hearing due to extremely loud noises, given the fame and riches that she had. The actress has long since been openly sharing about…

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Fillers Singapore – Why Many Celebrities Get Dermal Fillers instead of a Traditional Facelift

Health LifestyleMarch 14, 20200 Comments

Cindy Crawford, Kaley Cuoco, and Christie Brinkley all have one thing in common – you guessed it; they all have used dermal fillers in the past. Dermal fillers or as some would call them, injectables, are gel-like substances that when injected into the skin provides several benefits to improve skin quality. Dermal fillers have become a popular alternative to facelift…

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