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Luxury Retro

Fashion & WatchesJune 18, 20190 Comments

Remember when we were kids and we thought our Girl Crush Magic Hair Beader made us the coolest gal in our class? Or the acrylic Clikits customisable totes we carried with much pride even though looking back they basically looked like a flowery version of the plastic vegetable baskets rampant around the wet market? Well get ready to relive that…

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How to wear Moncler in Singapore

Fashion & WatchesMay 18, 20190 Comments

Luxury ski wear once made only for the cold, has now become hot fashion. No, no longer catering just to your Alpine ski trip needs. Moncler is headed towards the trendy world of fashion in full gusto, and you might just want to embrace a puffy gown for your next gala. Birthed on the snowy Alps, Moncler first started out…

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Seven luxury candles that demand better appreciation

Fashion & WatchesMay 15, 20190 Comments

By: Winnie Tan They may seem small and inconspicuous, but do not belittle the power of a good candle. Visually, they can add a glamorous and elegant touch to your home interior. Simple glass encased candles can be a minimalistic addition to your living room, highlighting modern simplicity and practicality. An interestingly designed candle, perhaps wrapped with African raffia or…

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