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2019’s Fashion Week Runway Makeup Looks Made Wearable

Fashion & WatchesOctober 18, 20190 Comments

Okay, let’s be honest – sometimes when you flick through images from the runways heating up Fashion Week, while on one hand you marvel at the innovation and beauty, somewhere deep down inside you, you know you will never make two steps out the front door with that insane white graphic eyeliner coupled with metallic strips of underlash as seen…

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2019 K-Beauty Look Roundup

Fashion & WatchesOctober 10, 20190 Comments

We have all heard of last year’s beauty keyword, “glass skin”, with products hailing from the West even, promising this haloed term. The keyword stems from the modern Mecca of beauty, South Korea, where it was coined to refer to skin not only smooth and flawless, but clear, transparent and lit from within, much like a glass marble. Similar terminology…

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Keepers 2019 Winter Wear Recap

Fashion & WatchesSeptember 10, 20190 Comments

We all love Uniqlo’s famed Heat-tech to keep us toasty in the harsh winters. But let’s be honest – while it wins out in practicality, it is not the most fashionable look on the streets. With every year comes a new winter trend and here are the hottest looks to shop for right now before you jet off into subzero…

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Fairy Dust

Fashion & WatchesSeptember 9, 20190 Comments

Christmas lights are not the only thing that will be sparkling this festive season. While glitter has always been a mainstay in beauty, regardless of season, 2019’s F/W makeup trend takes it up a notch with the trending look affectionately dubbed “fairy dust”. Reminiscent of our childhood storybooks and dress-up games, the originally look from the runways calls for a…

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Low Key Luxury

Fashion & WatchesJuly 10, 20190 Comments

While it is probably not yet, and realistically speaking, will never be, passé to tote around any variation of the Gucci camera bags or a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, a rising opinion in the world of luxury fashion is that too much can be too trashy. Logo-stamped leather could be a thing of the past, with many brands opting to cater…

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