All About Breast Augmentation in Singapore and Discover the Celebrities Who Have Done It!

All About Breast Augmentation in Singapore and Discover the Celebrities Who Have Done It!

Throughout history, the word ‘sexy’ has carried a multitude of definition for different cultures across the globe. Some people would define sexy as having a toned physique while others find curves as more desirable than having a flat midriff. There are individuals who believe that sexy means having protruding collarbones and bony chest, perfectly flaunted in a slinky or a fitted top, and there are those who think that a well-endowed and defined bosom is the epitome of the sexy. In Southeast Asia, particularly for the female population in Singapore, sexy is equivalent to a combination of the aforementioned: a toned midriff, sharp collarbones, curvy derriere, and full breasts. Those who are lucky enough to possess these enviable physical traits – whether by natural or artificial means – tend to attract more attention, and that is why people are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that they meet these high beauty standards.

With the latest technologies in the field of plastic surgery, it now easy to achieve your desired physical attributes. One of the most popular body-enhancing procedures in Singapore today is breast augmentation, which is more commonly known as a boob job. This is done by inserting implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Small-chested women can avail breast augmentation in Singapore to increase their bust size. Not only does this procedure improve the appearance of the breasts, it also gives women a great boost of confidence. Genetics, dramatic weight loss and pregnancy are some of the known factors that reduce the breast volume among females and because of these reasons, some decide to undergo procedures that improve the volume, shape, and fullness of their breasts.

Famous names such Gisele Bundchen, Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Pamela Anderson, and Victoria Beckham all belong to the long list of people in the entertainment industry who have admitted to having undergone breast augmentation. These women are highly successful in their careers, in part because of their enviable curves. Years ago, celebrities would not have dared to confess about having work done on their bodies, but times have changed and they are sharing the secret to empower more women to go ahead and do whatever will make them happy.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, breast augmentation in Singapore is also performed as part of reconstructive surgery. This type of surgery is beneficial to individuals who suffer from breast cancer or injuries; it helps restore the symmetry of the breasts by augmenting it with fat or implants.

This article from Allure, an innovative day surgery centre in Singapore, will provide you with all you need to know about breast augmentation.

Types of breast augmentation

Planing breast augmentation

There are two methods of breast augmentation in Singapore:

  1. Fat Transfer to Breast (Fat Grafting). This minimally-invasive method is performed by harvesting fat tissues from the patient’s own body – either the thighs or the abdomen – and using those to enlarge the breasts. Since fat transfer does not involve artificial implants or foreign objects being placed in the body, it is generally perceived as a safe and natural option as it poses limited or zero allergy risk. If you want a moderate increase in breast size and volume and if you have enough fat deposits in your body, you can opt for this method; women with very slim body types, however, are advised against the procedure, especially if they have low body fat.
  2. Medical-Grade Implants. This method is recommended for women who want a significant increase in breast volume and size. Medical-grade implants like saline or silicone are inserted beneath or above the chest area through incisions in the areola or armpits, or beneath the breasts. More women choose implants for a more defined shape and bigger size.

Whether by fat transfer or by using an implant, the increase in the size of your breasts will depend mainly on two things: your personal preference and the physical characteristic of your breast, including its measurements and your skin laxity.

Saline versus Silicone Implants

Breast Implant types

You can choose between two basic types of breast implants:

  1. Saline Implants. This is made up of silicone shells that contain a sterile salt-water solution (saline). The shells can be filled up (or pre-filled) with different volumes of saline, which subsequently affects the shape and firmness of the breast. Saline implants can break or wrinkle at a faster rate compared to other implants. The good thing is that in case of a leak, the saline solution will be absorbed and then expelled naturally by your body.
  2. Silicone Implants. These plastic gel-filled silicone shells are preferred by many since it feels like a real breast that its saline counterpart. It can also be pre-filled or filled during placement. If this type of implant leaks, however, the gel will either stay inside the shell or bleed into the breast implant pocket. Th worst case scenario is a collapsing implant that requires a revision surgery.

To find the best suitable implant for your needs, you may contact Allure for a consultation.

Types of Incision

After a thorough medical consultation and evaluation, your doctor will help you decide what type of implant to get and the size that is recommended for you. He or she will also discuss the incision options:

  1. Periareolar incision. This is done around the areola or the nipple area.
  2. Inframammary incision. This is done in the crease under your breast.
  3. Transaxilliary incision. This is done in the armpit.

The choice of incision depends on the type of implant, the enlargement involved, and surgeon-patient preference. Please feel free to call Allure for more details.

During and After the Procedure

Breast augmentation usually lasts between one to one and a half hours. A general anaesthetic is used to keep the patient asleep during the surgery. Once the procedure is finished (i.e. the fat has been successfully transferred to the breast, or the implant has been inserted), the doctor will close the incisions with stitches or sutures. The incision lines will be visible at first but will eventually fade with time. There will be swelling after the surgery, too, and this will remain for one to two weeks.

Individuals who undergo breast augmentation in Singapore are advised to spend one night in the hospital, or at the very least, make prior arrangements to be picked up after the procedure. The doctor will provide you with information on how to take care of the breasts, the prescribed medication, and the schedule of the follow-up session.


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