Acne Scar Treatment in Singapore — What You Need to Know

Acne Scar Treatment in Singapore — What You Need to Know

Many of us have experience with acne, especially during our teenage years. And while this often clears when we get older, it leaves behind unpleasant looking scars. If you are dealing with acne scars, then chances are you have tried many different home remedies without success. However, with acne scar treatment, you can finally achieve that smooth and clear face.

Understanding acne scars

First off, keep in mind that there is a difference between acne marks and acne scars.

Acne marks are not permanents. They are also called post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH). These are spots left behind when a pimple disappears. They can be either red or brown. Left untreated acne marks will disappear after 3-6 months.

On the other hand, acne scars are permanent. These include depressions or elevations of the skin. They are a result of either inflamed pustular acne or cystic acne.

Cystic acne are big red pimples that are also quite tender. On the other hand, pustular acne appears white as they contain pus.

Type of acne scars

Woman with acne and scar problems

There are two main types of acne scarsAcne scars that create depressions in the skin are called atrophic scars. These include:

  • Rolling scars – these have rounded edges that appear as if they are rolling.
  • Ice pick scars – these are sharp deep scars.
  • Boxcar scar – these are broad rectangular depressions. They have well defined steep edges.

The other type of scars is elevated acne scars. These include:

  • keloid acne scars
  • Raised hypertrophic scars.

How should you seek acne scar treatment in Singapore?

You can contact a dermatologist or doctor in Singapore and they will help you with your acne scar problem. When choosing a doctor there are a few things that you should aim to discover.

  • How many treatments you will require.
  • How many years of experience the doctor has.
  • What are the realistic expectations that you can have?

Choose a doctor such as Dr Chua Cheng Yu with many years of acne scar treatment in Singapore.

Cost of acne scar treatment in Singapore

Acne scar treatment cost

The total cost of the acne scar treatment comes down to the type treatment as well as how extensive is your scarring is. The more the scarring the more the treatment sessions.

The cost of middle to moderate acne treatment Singapore is $1800 -$3000

The cost of severe acne treatment can be $2800 – $5000

Reasonable expectations after acne scar treatment

Patients can expect to see an improvement of between 50-70 percent. In many cases, patients can see improvements by as much as 80%. After a 90% improvement, it becomes very hard to improve by another 10%.

Many patients will see the most improvement after the first few sessions of acne scar treatment. That said, the rate of improvement also depends on the type of skin as well as the extent of scarring.

Type of acne scar treatment

There are several types of acne scar treatment. These are:

  • Laser scar treat met
  • Subcision
  • Chemical peels
  • Radiofrequency micro-needling
  • Dermal fillers
  • Punch excision

The ideal acne treatment for you will come down to the type of scars that you have.

Furthermore, if you have many different types of scars, you may require multiple types of treatment. The doctor may use 2 or even 3 types of treatments in each session to target a different type of scars.

Which type of acne scar treatment is suitable for you?

The right type of acne scar treatment will depend on the type of acne scar. That said, people will not have just one type of acne scar but several types.

Therefore, people often need a more tailored account. For instance:

  • Subcision treatment is ideal for tethered and roiling scars
  • Craters, as well as rolling scars, can be treated using RF micro-needling, fractional lasers, dermal fillers as well as punch grafting.

All this might be difficult to grasp. Luckily your doctor will advise you on the best way to deal with your acne scars and which treatments are best for you.

How to choose the best dermatologist for acne treatment

Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and doctors who have an interest with the skin can treat acne. This is because the treatment of acne requires brood skills. Note however that not every doctor specializes in acne scar treatment.

It is therefore important to pick a doctor with many years of experience and has a comprehensive collection of tools and equipment for treating acne. Also, choose a doctor who is sincere about treating acne and is passionate about it. You are more likely to get the best results this way.

Furthermore, find out about your doctor’s convenience. You want a doctor that is available for your next acne treatment. After all, you might need anywhere between 5 and 10 sessions as your acne treatment might take 6 – 18 months.

Final Thoughts

Acne scars come in all shapes and each will require a different type of treatment. Finding the right doctor is paramount. They should have several years of experience under their sleeve. Furthermore, they should also be available for the next 6 to 18 months until your acne treatment is complete.


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