5 brands that might have flown under our fashion radars

5 brands that might have flown under our fashion radars

Fashion aficionados this season are as gleeful as ever; their appetites satiated by dazzling lines from brands like Aijek, Lisa Von Tang and ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh. With 2019’s annual Singapore Fashion Week looming over us, the Lion City is gushing with critically acclaimed international and local brands alike. We lack, severely, in attention span for the creations of less established, up and coming couturiers. Today, we’ll take a quick breather from the hubbub of Singapore’s mainstream fashion battlefields to discuss 5 lesser known designer brands that may have fallen under most people’s radars.


Established a year ago, Vilry.co is wasting no time in taking over the internet’s women’s fashion scene. Described by critics to be “classy” and “womanly”, Vilry.co’s centrepieces are many flowing, sweet dresses with a variety of sweetheart necklines and waist peplums to die for. For the more adventurous, they have their fair share of statement accessories. Resin crafted drop earrings, pearl shell earrings and danglers; a perfect attention grabber that elegantly contrasts their conservative selection of dresses and bottoms.

Extremely affordable for their quality, Vilry.co’s pieces allows the urban, trendy woman to put their personality on display without any sacrifice of comfort. Their pieces have a reputation to be durable and their employees to be customer service orientated; they allow showroom appointments to be made so any woes about fit are completely alleviated.


Anseina (ANS) and Erlyn (the Ein, obviously) are two mothers-turned-entrepreneurs that offer a family-orientated fashion line directed at all of Singapore’s stylish young mothers, as well as their cute kids. Established in 2017, ANS.EIN directly challenges the two local tropes; the haggard new mum too worn out by the rigors of life to stay sexy, and the young kid running around the mall in a stained, shoddy hand-me-down. What they bring to the table is light, artsy patterns with bright brushwork that gives the wearer an undeniable glow of youthful attraction.

This theme runs through their entire line of women’s as well as children’s clothing; a strong batik and Peranakan influence runs through many of the pieces, although most know them as more of a minimalistic Japanese-influenced line. Demand no further proof of their dedication to art as clothing; they even offer a service titled Create Ans-ein that allows you and your children to turn your personal art into a custom signature dress. “Everybody is an artist”. preaches Anseina, and seeing this message so positively ingrained into every single ANS.EIN piece, I can’t help but agree.


Is Andro-cool still in? Styl.Myl emphatically thinks so. Tired and jaded of his accounting job (is there a more quintessential backstory to a designer?), Kolin Chong gave up his life as a corporate high-flyer and had various stints in fashion hubs like Dubai and Paris to hone his sartorial skills. He figured the time was ripe to launch Styl.Myl (pronounced, you guessed it, as “Stylo-Milo”) in 2014.

Androgynous fashion has often been a Korean or Japanese staple, but Styl.Myl fuses in certain clean cut western sensibilities, dialing back their brand of Eastern flair with a European nonchalance. Their most recent collection is aptly titled “Duplex”, highlighting that each piece has exactly two facets to them. One thing that jumps out is how the minimalistic designs of their jumpsuits and shirt-dresses create amazing silhouettes for both sexes.

Wai Yang

Myanmar-born 28 year old Wai Yang is an interesting character in the landscape of Singaporean fashion. Almost out of nowhere, the quiet and unassuming figure of Wai Yangshe crashed onto the scene just a year ago at last year’s Singapore Fashion Week to glowing reviews. Utilizing an array of paper-thin mixed fabrics, her heavily detailed collection using primarily androgynous cuts brims with Wai Yang’s personal ethos.

Possibly the most eclectic of all the brands on this list, Wai Yang’s eponymous brand is unpredictable and daring. Some pieces include a PVC box jacket, coats with garish 3D pockets, and a double jersey bomber that features floral trim and pleated sleeves. Gulp. Her focus on experimental fabrics and techniques makes her a formidable player in the local unisex glam scene. Don’t miss out!

PinkSalt Swim

Hitting up the resorts and beaches this holiday season? Look no further than PinkSalt Swim for all your beachwear needs. Modest and fashionable swimsuits and floral beachside dresses are the bread and butter of this unique swimwear line.

Founded by Belinda and Su May, a pair that had serendipitously met at a fashion show, the two entrepreneurs drew from their respective skillsets and talents to create a swimwear line that stays contemporary while oozing a sense of style and comfort. Expect swimsuits with rich, striking colours like plum and plue. For those who like their post beach café-cocktails, they generally use matte fabrics which makes that transition seamless.


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